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Black Nerd Problems

William is the co-founder of Black Nerd Problems, a website that focuses on pop and nerd/geek culture from the perspective of people of color. Seeing a disappointing lack of representation in pop culture journalism, William and his cofounder Omar Holmon launched Black Nerd Problems in 2014, and have grown the website enormously in the years since, including a six-figure social media fan following. BNP content includes everything from comic book reviews to TV show recaps to think pieces. What began as nine contributors has blossomed to over thirty active writers.

Game Of Thrones Recaps

“Its Time We Stop Pretending Simba Wasn’t Garbage in the Lion King”

For Dark Girls Who Never Get Asked to Play Storm

“From the Editor: Why We Won’t Be Reviewing ‘The Birth of a  Nation’ Upon Its Release”

“Comedy, Race, and the Intentional Miseducation of Amy Schumer”

“The ‘Bastille Day’ Trailer Basically Told Bond and Bourne to Go Kick Rocks”

The Carcosa Interview: Ta-Nehisi Coates Discusses The Black Panther

The Witcher’s Lack of Diversity aka Can’t We Just Paint Most of Nilfgaard Black

“On Mark Millar’s ‘Jupiter’s Legacy,’ Parentage and the Obsession of Enough”

Attack on Titan – Episode 40: Captain Levi Saved All His Disrespectful Crossovers For the Playoffs

“The Want to Protect ‘Proud Mary,’ Critiquing The Choir and How We Judge Black Art”

“A Series of Questions about Netflix’s ‘Death Note’ All Including Forms of ‘What The Fuck?'”

“I Was Not Prepared for the NBA 2K18 Shook Ones Trailer”

“Actually, Nah: ‘Confederate’ Sounds Like a Terrible Idea”

“Whenever I Watch Underworld, I Feel Like Kate Beckinsale Wants to Break Up With Me”

“Top Five Dead or Alive: Kaldur’ahm aka Aqualad (Young Justice)”

“The Lucas Da Gawd Action Figures We Deserve From ‘Stranger Things'”

“God Tier: Do You Have a Moment to Talk About our Lord and Savior Aloy [Horizon Zero Dawn]”